Singing and Meditation - what they have in common

Singing or vocalizing like the muslims do when they recite their holy scriptures of the Koran, is already a kind of meditation. Many singers will agree when I say that when you are under stress singing is nearly impossible. There is a nice small silent exercise that improves the voice, relaxes your throat, voicebox and tongue which at the same time, deepens your breathing and improves your concentration and deep relaxation.

Here is the recipe:

Just use it to relax for meditation or before sleeping in lying position or when you sit at your desk. Roll your tongue upwards over the front teeth and cover them in a relaxed way over the gingiva. Relax all the muscles inside and around your mouth, throat and neck. Keep the position for some minutes while you breathe deeply in and out.

While you train this every day for some minutes, you will observe that your concentration deepens while your thoughts start becoming less and you feel calming down. While you do this you might feel the muscle stretch in the beginning, but after some days this will be gone. The relaxation does not only touch your muscles, but also your thinking, your mental and emotional state and bring you into awareness.

Enjoy this training and be the witness when emotions like impatience or tension come up. Say Good Bye to your stress and REEEELAAAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXX



Karin Wettig


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