Vocal Class for Singers of all Levels - 1 day WS

Body-Voice-Breathing Balance for singers, actors, speakers, choir singers

Singing Class Belcanto Vocal Coaching Stimmtraining Gesang

Vocal Coaching for Body, Voice and Breathing - one day class with voice analysis, tipps and tricks for singers, no matter if professional or on the way...


One full day with short breaks

The Vocal Class is based on my books  -

Singing like Callas and Caruso

    Belcanto in Theorie und Praxis,

          Singen wie Callas & Caruso 

                   "Sänger ABC Belcanto". 


Before you apply, ask yourself:

1. Do I think, I have unused potential in my voice?

2. Do I believe that my presence on stage could be more exciting, more magnetizing?

3. Do I accept that I could be taken to my personal limits or be touched emotionally in a deep way, so that I can open unused potential of my voice?

4. Do I intend to make one day a change for my whole life?


You need 4 yeses to be the right person to join this class, otherwise you throw away the money for nothing.  Keep this in mind and ask your questions, before you apply! I am here for you.... 

Bring your favourite songs or arias with you, sportswear, light indoor or gym shoes and in case you have a serious vocal problem, a diagnosis from your doctor.  Enjoyment, pleasure and laughter is garantueed. You will go home with a lot of insights about your voice and body and a head full of ideas how to train the next weeks.

My personal approach uses awareness like Alexandertechnique, Yoga, Quantum Touch and a lot of useful exercises you can read in my books. Come and enjoy...allow miracles to happen.


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Saturday Vocal Class - Body and Voice Awareness - Program:

1.  short getting together to know each other. Wishes? Desires?

2.  Throat and Voice in Singing" - sing with your body not on your throat

3.  Voice and Body Analysis for every participant to define the needs for the day

4.  healthy breathing and breathing for more legato
5.  how to stand and speak and sing on stage!
6.  tongue, lips and diaphragm as a team - how to correct vocal faults or vocal gaps
     short break
7.  Tipps and Tricks for the passaggio - sing high, low and get over the break! 

8.  How to find one's repertoire to study at home

9.  A personal plan for the next 2 months vocal training at home 

     Feedback and time for questions

10.  Skype Coaching 30 Minutes after 4 weeks from your computer at home is included in this price.

Send Questions to   karin.wettig@yahoo.com

Veranstaltungsort: Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Kirche, 81739 MUC

The Egg of Columbus and the Egg of Caruso...

You are your voice and body - bring it on stage!

Belcanto in Theorie und Praxis
Dr. Karin Wettig

    Belcanto Bodybalance Beauty
    Dr. Karin Wettig

    München - Munich

    Questions are welcome!  

"Singing like Callas & Caruso"

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