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Karin Wettig started as a Translator and Interpreter for the Legal Court, then studied musicology and opened a studio for Colour and Style during the time when she prepared for her doctorate. The break of her speaking voice during her divorce made her engage in singing and Belcanto. She explored deeply the vocal approach and magic of Maria Callas, then found her authentic voice as a Coloratura Soprano and then published Books for all singers about classical Belcanto and Singing Technique. Karin is not only passionate about voice, body and breathing, but also teaches  Awareness by using NLP, Hypnosis, Matrix, Theta and Access Consciousness with the Bars....   You can test her offer at a first trial price for a skype or a live session, just go to  this page here.  

Behind every Weakness hides a Talent...

is Dr. Karin Wettig's revelation after her divorce and a break of her voice instead of her heart....


“Behind every weakness hides a talent!“ is Dr. Karin Wettig’s personal revelation. With her divorce came an almost total loss of her speaking voice. Even with a broken voice and a broken heart, she would not give up looking for answers to her biggest dream, to be an accomplished Belcanto singer. She left her home, her career, her husband, her friends and her business in northern Germany to pursue her dream.


Once settled in the south in Munich, her adventurous journey from a lost speaking voice to becoming a coloratura soprano began. When voice therapy didn’t heal her voice, she decided to look for a cure in singing. Mozart Arias & her passion for Belcanto, Maria Callas, Adelina Patti and the divas of Caruso’s time found a home in her heart, never to depart.


Personal voice trainers, Belcanto teachers & Opera Schools from all over Europe were as disillusioning as her experience in a famous local choir. An inspiring master class with Ann Reynolds gave her the impulse to write her first Belcanto Guide for singing. Still not satisfied with her personal recordings and results, she started modeling Maria Callas and exploring body therapies like Alexander's Technique, Rolfing, Cantieni and Yoga. The way to her authentic voice was a path paved with lonely nights in dark churches, practicing Belcanto repertoire from Farinelli to Bellini, Rossini, Mozart and Verdi.


Studying Belcanto videos, she dove deeply into the physical aspects of opera singing, while her musicological curiosity made her travel to the origins and sources of Belcanto in the Renaissance. Suddenly miracles started happening: Her teeth aligned, her chin and jaw movement became smooth, the stiff tongue melted. Finally she enjoyed an upright posture, better proportions, 1.5 cm more in height, emotional balance, cured sinusitis and more self-esteem. Her effort was rewarded with a brilliant coloratura soprano voice.


Asked for a script in her voice classes, she wrote her personal method down. The result is this book: An intuitive, heartfelt, yet practical approach to achieving excellence in Belcanto by effortless singing. “Body & voice awareness is the key and my best personal teacher. Awareness achieves in minutes what years of voice exercises never reach.”


Belcanto in Theorie und Praxis
Dr. Karin Wettig

    Belcanto Bodybalance Beauty
    Dr. A.S.K. Wettig
    München - Munich

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"Singing like Callas & Caruso"

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