Personality Styling - the Art to be oneself!

from the EGO to One's SELF

Personality Styling is unique Training & Coaching to present oneself in an authentic style for business and stage. People believe that dressing up and make up does it, but that is not true. Healthy wellformed proportions, a loving & extroverted appearance & a selfconfident presentation on stage are indispensable. Everybody can change himself for the better with the help of an experienced coach a professional trainer & some practical recipes. Success is truly visible and audible then...


Coaching instead of "Couching" - Talent is hidden everywhere

But every Talent needs an excellent Trainer like a Flower needs Sunshine!

Every Sportsman has a trainer, every successful business person has a coach. Coaching for school children often is a way out of apathy and no desire to study and a step forward to better notes and more selfconfidence. Piano and Music are one of the best ways to oneself and to more concentration, performance and trust into one's personal talents. Did you ever see a child playing music which is not so good at school?


More Personal Power instead of Stress or Burnout

The one who knows himself, has no stress and not many problems.

The way of Buddha looking inside with meditation and concentration on one's SELF and the inner power brings freedom from preoccupation and worry and useless concurrence fights. Don't compare yourself with others, but find out the true singularity and perfection you can offer.


Colour & Style for your Type - Image Design

Your Type doesn't depend on Fashion or Colour. Only the Nuance counts!

harmonious Colours for your Type by Colour Analysis and Test

Individual Fashion for your Proportions and your Business Presencce

Sympathy & Empathy

Acceptance for Oneself and Others

Clear SELF Presentation by Clear Expressive Speaking and Body Language

A Charismatic Presence on Stage

Training is the Best Therapy!

A Coach teaches you to help yourself Best!

Therapy often brings people into dependence! A person asking for help looses points in her reputation. People who undergo therapy often have problems to be accepted as healthy members of the society when they apply for a job or a career. Moreover the quote of healed persons in Psychotherapy is rather low. Does it help you when you are able to define your bunch of problems in educated words after 5 years of Psychotherapy but you have no solution how to solve them for your daily life. I met too many of these cases.


Hypnosis, Matrix Energetics, Meditation and Relaxing Mental Techniques are helpful to develop one's personal selfhealing faculties. This brings independance, trust and success.


Charisma instead of Crisis- with Hypnosis & Matrix Energy!

Meditation, Hypnosis, Alpha, Matrix Energy & Trance all focus in one direction

Hypnosis still is a magic field of illusions but  rarely people know more than people who do ridiculous things on stages under the influence of a hypnotist. Everybody has a subconscious mind who works also in deepest sleep and keeps your body and brain running. This mind can be addressed by hypnosis and hypnosis in general is a conducted self hypnosis. 

Hypnosis, magnetism and matrix energetics all work together to improve some negative patterns in your mind and hypnosis has no side effects like drugs or pills. Why not use hypnosis or matrix energy instead of painkillers and why suffer when you can be the boss of your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is emotional and takes your words literally. Why not get this Dummy on your side and cooperate?


Hypnosis and Matrix Energy like Dr. Richard Bartlett teaches it bring not only strong cowboys down to earth but convince also the strongest adversaries when they see what positive changes can be done in a few minutes or even seconds.


Why not try to change one' personality instead of suffering on for years!

With Matrix Energy life is really fun!

Belcanto in Theorie und Praxis
Dr. Karin Wettig

    Belcanto Bodybalance Beauty
    Dr. A.S.K. Wettig
    München - Munich

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"Singing like Callas & Caruso"

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