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Hypnosis, Trance, Magnetism and Somnambulism explained in a short

Hypnosis looks like magic, but is a normal state of consciousness. It can be easily noticed from two phenomenons:


When a person enters a trance, the rational mind slows down until it becomes inactive. This can be proven by a brainwave reading through EEG. The brain waves go from Beta to Alpha and then even more down to Gamma and Delta waves. While the conscious mind seems to sleep, the subconscious is always awake and even more noticeable than normally. This subconscious mind is under the guidance of the hypnotist when he uses his hypnotic induction and brings the person to hypnotic sleep.

The magnetic power of everybody as a body with electricity and a magnetic field never sleeps and can be addressed for healing when the rational mind is shut down. This is shown very clearly in the hypnotic inductions by Professor Antonio Carreiro, Bresil and Dr. Marco Paret, Nizza. As the subconscious mind is aware about all experiences the person ever had, although the conscious mind seems to have forgotten many details, this can be used for a healing under hypnosis. Hypnosis as a state of consciousness is always very relaxing and selfhealing.

When a person is guided into a light trance, arm levitation is easy to show and other magnetic phenomena can occur. When a person is guided into a very deep trance like sonnambulism, the subconscious mind might also shut down and then the person is just connected to her unconscious mind where she resides as long as she might like to. This state of mind is not useful for hypnosis as the guidance of the hypnotist will shut down.

Hypnosis comes from the Greek word for Sleep and was known since antiquity as a healing sleep. In deep hypnosis the pupilla of the eye stays completely still without moving, which is a hint that a deep hypnotic sleep is reached. This state of stillness is not known in other states of consciousness except deep hypnotic sleep and states of consciousness some enlightened masters refer to. In yoganandas trances it can be seen that he used to focus his eyes towards the third eye in the middle of his forehead to bring himself quickly in a deep hypnotic trance. Swami Rama gave a demonstration of awareness in deep sleep like it is known as YOGA NIDRA in the 70ies when he was tested by medical doctors if he could describe and answer questions that were given to him in a state of deep sleep while he was laying snoring on the floor. The doctors were astonished when they noticed after waking him up that he could not only repeat all questions in the chronological order but then give the answers too.


Today Hypnosis is used as a renowned medical therapy by doctors, but light trance can be learnt by everybody for his personal meditation and wellbeing. Moreover hypnosis awakens more parts of the brain which is useful for study and learning.


Dr. Karin Wettig


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