"Singing like Callas & Caruso!" is for every Singer

Workshop with Book for Everybody Saturday 14:30 bis 22:00 h


Classes for Belcanto Vocal Coaching, Bodybalance, Breathing take place once per month on Saturday from 2:30 pm until 10 pm. 20 Places.

The Workshop takes place at our nearby church: Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Kirche. Check and book on the German page under Kurse in Muenchen. My Book - Singing like Callas & Caruso - is your guide through the class. The book contains all the exercises with photos and helps you to do your homework after the class. We will not only analyze your voice, but also create a plan for your training at home. More Questions? Write directly to me under karin.wettig@gmx.de  You find the times and dates of the classes on the German page - Kurse in München!  Payments sent for Workshops cannot be paid back. Every missed class will be postponed. Changes of the program are announced by email.


Vocal Coaching "Belcanto" - for Managers & Companies

1 Day Inhouse Vocal Coaching and Stage TRaining Intensive for Groups or Companies

Belcanto - Auftritt
Belcanto - Auftritt

Vocal Power & Stage Presence is a Must have for every Leader; Inhouse Training or Workshop for Companies or Departments -   

"Be Present and Passionate about what you do! Convince others with your Stage Talent like an Opera Star!"    1 Day Vocal Coaching for Stage Presence, Intensive:


Body Posture and Muscle Use, Ergonomics for Sitting, Standing, Walking; individual Analysis for Bodybalance, Voice and Breathing Patterns for each Participant. Relaxation Training for your Face, Chin, Tongue, Throat, Shoulders and Back. With more Power less Effort through the Business Day. Have Fun instead of Burnout. Use a Microphone without Effort and when there is none, surprise your audience and cause goose bumps....Emotional Intelligence means to be passionate. Present with Magic Flame and forget about Stage Fright. Presence without Limits. Burnout & Stress are the wrong companions. Create Pleasure and Effortlessness instead by using your right brain. The book - Singing like Callas und Caruso is included in the price for the class. So you have your workbook for every day.

Voice, Charisma & Stage Presence belong together. Learn to be Present! Presence pays better than anything else in the world. Inhouse Workshops wherever you like. Just let me know....Phone to +49 89 634.999.55  Leave a Message and your Phone Number and I will get back to you soon or send email to karin.wettig@gmx.de    

"Facelifting ohne OP" - Kurs mit Buch samstags

Geheimtipps: junges Gesicht in jedem Alter - Hautpflege & Farben zum Typ....

Facelifting ohne OP für Mädels und Jungs von 13 bis 103
Facelifting ohne OP für Mädels und Jungs von 13 bis 103

FACELIFTING without SURGERY - Tipps & Tricks for Hollywoodstars - FAce Care & Make up for Girls & Boys between 13 and 103

Workshop on a Saturday, once per month from 2:30 pm until 8 pm, only 15 places pls book soon!    Perfecte Facecare without Make up with an individual recipé the author found on a journey to the Dead Sea, discover your Colour Type together with me and see yourself on photos before and after the treatment - PLace: Munich, Germany, Church: Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Kirche; Questions to Email karin.wettig@gmx.de   


Book a place on the German Page - Kurse in München!   

Belcanto in Theorie und Praxis
Dr. Karin Wettig

    Belcanto Bodybalance Beauty
    Dr. A.S.K. Wettig
    München - Munich

    Questions are welcome!  

"Singing like Callas & Caruso"

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