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Belcanto is more than Logopaedics for Singers

Italian Belcanto is a singing technique without microphone, using the whole body as instrument for the voice. To be able to produce a tone in a huge opera house a singer needs total harmony of body, voice and breathing to reach a powerful opera sound. A well trained singer is able to produce all sounds from the smoothest pianissimo to the biggest fortissimo allover his vocal range with ease. That is exactly what we train in the classes.


Speakers and Singers convince only by Authentic Vocal Power

Singing is just passionate speaking on the tones in legato. Charismatic Voices like Callas and Caruso or Pavarotti and Joan Sutherland enthouse the audience and open the hearts. When voice, body and breathing are a relaxed team, the cooperation works.

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Appoggio - Support for the Tone from the Diaphragm, Pelvis and Ribcage;

Alto in Palato - the uplifted high palate 

Avanti - the "Balcony of the Diva" or Frontpositioning of the Tone for the Resonance

Lingua - Tongue and clear Speech or Diction

Legato - bound together in a constant flow of sound

Cantare sul fiato - Sing on a smooth flow of breath with optimal use of the resonance cavities and places.

Belcanto - Basics for Singers

Elements of Belcanto are Legato, the flow of neverending sounds, Messa di voce - a constant increasing and then decreasing tone, Ornements like Appoggiatura and Portamento, the Trill and the virtuoso Cadenza of the Solo Singer. Coloraturas and Fiorituras blossom in famous  Solo- Arias of the composers of Belcanto Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini. During the period of Verismo Verdi and Wagner impress the Opera audience with social and historical subjects and develop the dramatic Belcanto, where Opera Singers have to sing over a huge orchestra and fill a hall without microphone. Precise Vocal Technique is needed to reach this goal in highest perfection.

Belcanto in Theorie und Praxis
Dr. Karin Wettig

    Belcanto Bodybalance Beauty
    Dr. A.S.K. Wettig
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"Singing like Callas & Caruso"

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